As experts across 10 different industry sectors, we have a deep and broad understanding of our markets and the people within them. Everyone at Productive People shares their knowledge with clients and candidates across our expanding network.





We are a results-orientated business, which means we're incredibly driven.  We have energy and dynamism and we're ambitious for clients, candidates and our team.  We truly believe that the right kind of recruitment can have positive impact on everyone's lives.

We are looking for ambitious individuals who exhibit: An unquestionable desire to achieve results and operate in a high performance culture, A commercial and proactive commitment to winning business, An ability to present a persuasive argument to achieve a win/win situation, A persistent approach when under pressure, An unquestionable initiative to achieve results, Resilience to working in a challenging environment and Strong sales drive to achieve the best and become number one.


Excelling in recruitment is all about being curious about people and about the worlds in which they work

We are looking for personalities who, demonstrate a keen curiosity to learn more about people and business, Ask effective questions and listen attentively, Commit to growing commercial recruitment knowledge, Seek and take feedback on board to improve performance, Show a willingness to learn from mistakes

Passionate about people

Recruitment is a people business and the creation of valuable, lasting relationships is our top priority. We know that by fully understanding your client/candidate the ideal solution is always achievable.

We want to help people fulfill their potential and be all that they can be. We are looking for people who can build strong, lasting relationships and engage people, Working effectively as part of a team, Demonstrate a strong results focused attitude, Show pride in and commitment to delivering a high quality of service on behalf of Productive People.

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