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Productive People was established in collaboration with 2 of the UK’s most innovative consultancies with the sole aim of tackling the human capital problems plaguing Africa's largest economy.  'We thrive on excellence, work with passion and are simplistic in all that we do. Our Mission is to provide high quality industry leading consultancy to all of our clients’.

Our ethos expresses that the right job can transform a person's life and that accurate human capital management will transform any company. We have developed a young team of dedicated and diverse specialists who inspire one another daily in our vision and work with passion and integrity to provide quality service, both internally and externally.

Rely on Us
There is combined wealth of well over 30 years’ recruitment experience sitting at Director level in Productive People. This level of experience banded together with the buoyancy of our Staffing Specialists makes for an unparalleled service.

Malcom Gladwell states that it takes approximately ten thousand hours of practice to become a master in your field. We dedicate hours of our own time to personal development, this assists in parachuting our understanding.

Trust Us
Productive People has built its values around honesty, clients appreciate our clarity and vision.


  • Hospitality

  • Finance & Banking

  • Education

  • IT & Telecoms

  • Energy

  • Public Sector

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